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“Youngsters and the Internet: alerts for parents and educators”

“Youngsters and the Internet: alerts for parents and educators

Because it is in the family circle that can be early detected and prevented with larger effectiveness behaviours that children can be victim of in the use and through the Internet, the Portuguese Judiciary Police alerts parents and educators for certain principles and rules to observe regarding the theme children and Internet:
.The Computer is neither the only nor your son's best friend;
.The “on-line friends" are, in reality, completely strange;
.With an computer linked to the Internet, crimes can be practiced in any place of the globe; all it is necessary is that on the other side there is another computer;
.After the virtual encounter follows the physical encounter (as example, the two youths' recent murder in England, was preceded of chat on the Internet);
.It would be desirable that your children communicated to you any received messages of insinuating, obscene or aggressive nature or suggesting less lawful behaviours;
.Establish hourly limits in the use of the Internet; the excessive use of the Internet in the period of the night indicates and enlarges the probabilities of problems;
.Guarantee that the smallest don't publish on-line personal information that can put them in risk in the off-line world;
.The Internet badly used is a privileged space for deceiving offers and covered corruption; Remind that the good and the easy rarely walk together;
.In case of suspicion safeguard all the relative elements related to the provenience and content of the contacts;
14th of February 2003”

This text was on the site of the Portuguese Judiciary Police on the 27th of August 2007, link:, and was translated and adapted into English by CIBERNAU®

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