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Photos by João Gonçalves

João Gonçalves is 54 years old, is a technician of electricity and telecommunications, and has been working for more than twenty years in the areas of electrical maintenance, telephones and data of one of the largest companies of computer science in Portugal. He has always liked to photograph and he does it since we was 15 years old



Some of Ana Figueiredo's paintings   »»

Ana Figueiredo was born in Cascais, Portugal, on the 16th of May 1975.

She is graduated in computer science, and works as programmer in a bank.

She has made an decorative art course in Telalôka, Cascais. She's a pupil of Master Maria Júdice Crimer, and she has been painting for three years.

Her paintings have a specificity: mainly she paints concrete watercolours (cities, lighthouses, monuments); in oil she paints exclusively abstract.


Collective in BPI, 2006
Collective in BPI, 2007
In Cibernau, 2007


Mauricio Abreu

Photos by Maurício Abreu


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