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  • Computer Repair Centre: repairing (including Electronics) of computers, notebooks inclusive, and respective peripherals, namely displays, faxes and printers of all trade marks.
  • Referral of laptops for warranty service
  • Technical support to software
  • Detection and removal of virus, trojans, spywares, rootkits and other Internet threats
  • Antivirus, antitrojans and antispywares installation
  • Data recovery
  • Installation and configuration of gateways, routers, firewalls and switches
  • Resale of new and used computers and notebooks,
    of the respective accessories,
    of peripherals,
    of software,
    of consumable, namely data cartridges, CDs and DVDs, diskettes, original and compatible print cartridges, ribbons and toners for printers/faxes of all trade marks,
    of keyboard overlays (several languages),
    of batteries for UPS, for notebooks, for PDAs, for digital cameras and for video cameras,
    of adapters for notebooks and
    of paper for impression of all types, including paper for ATM
  • Sale of Wireless and Wi-Fi equipments

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